The First Annual
Bob Adami   Chief Engineer (ret)
Ray  Addicott   Commodore MSCPAC
Mary Alexander   Personnel
Virginia Allin   Computers
Pete  Alvarez   Computers
Jim Baker   Engineering
Marjie Baker   Jim's Wife
Dorothy Boyce   Jim's Wife
Jim Boyce   Engineering
Gordon Catron   Chief Engineer (ret)
Charles Caulfield  Medical (Dir)
Barbara Chapman   Personnel
Carl Chavaree   Chief Engineer (ret)
Martin De Venuta  Tony's Brother
Tony De Venuta   Computers(Dir)
Maynard Dilley   Personnel
Doug Edwards   Comptroller
Hsingwen Edwards
Phil Francois   Communications
Tom Grabow   Computers
Katie Huang   Audit
Rosemary Knecht   Claims
Kris Kristofors   Training
Monique Kristofors  TQL Co-ordinater
Hai Ly    Computers/ATA
Pat  Maloney   Master/Port Captain
Molly Mills
Carlos Nava   Chief Engineer (ret)
Pamela  Odegaard  Richards Wife
Richard  Odegaard  Comptroller (Dir)
Nina Olson   Computers
Jim  Page   Office Services
Dave Papineau   Tony's Guest
David Park   Port Captain
Valerie Park-Wall  Dave's Daughter
Georgia Rodgers   Buck's Wife
Harvey  'Buck' Rodgers  Operations
Ann  Rogers   Personnel
Roger Samuels   Chief Engineer (ret)
Bernerd Schultz   Engineer
Shirley Schultz   Bernerd's Wife
Warren Smith   Chief Engineer (ret)
Ralf Stinson   CCC\Reserve Liason
Thomas  Strongs
Wes  Taylor   Chief Engineer (ret)
Chris Thomas   Computers
Thomas  Tomlinson  Master
Richard  Watson   Purser/Radio Officer
Don Wilson   Personnel
Ken  Yee   Computers

         The Party Committee:
Virginia Allin    Barbara Chapman
Tony De Venuta    Tom Grabow
Chris Thomas

         With Assistance from:
Pete  Alvarez          Martin De Venuta
Hai Ly                 Dave Papineau

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