Well folks the ATS-MSTS-MSCPAC Reunion is history.   For those that did not make it
you missed some good Sea Stories and camaraderie with shipmates and co-workers. Was
great to see some new faces, but sad that many regulars did not make it due to health
and travel.

I want to issue sincere thanks to Tom Grabow, Hi Lai, Jim Sorenson, Connie Mull, Joel
Suzuki, Ted Hin, San Lai, Pop, Phil Cramer and Lavernne Thompson, Dale & Dena
Snearly, Gunther & Renata Rupprecht and Dan Williams who came early and stayed late
to do all of the set up and clean up. Thanks to Chuck Berger, Marilyn Grover, Dale
Snearly and others for photography duties.

October 16 th 2010 is designated for the next reunion, so please put on your
calendars so you do not forget it. Hours are 1100-1500 hours.   Sorry that we have to
have clean up done at 1500 hours, but the Yacht Club has to start preparations for
their evening activities and cruise ins from other Yacht Clubs.

I want to thank: James Stillman, Bill Keels, A.W. McKnight, James Jungles and Anthony
Mills for mail in donations and all of you who attended for your generous donations
to help defray the cost of food, paper, postage, toner and miscellaneous expenses.
Without your help and support the reunions would not be possible.

Tom Grabow, Myself and Lavernne Thompson maintain our membership and pay dues to San
Leandro Yacht Club each year to allow us (MSC) the privilege of holding our reunions at
the Yacht Club without having to pay a rental fee to use the facility, as we would have to
at another location or to have to pay a very high catering fee, and we do appreciate this
benefit that the Yacht Club affords us.

When you read the "8 Bells Deceased List" you will notice many new additions this year,
and I know that there are certain to be many that I have not received.  As you hear of our
shipmates, and coworkers who have passed on please let me know so we can include them.

The following people attended:  

Mary & Don Alexander, Jack Anderson, Leona & Peter Babb, Ron & Judy Barnes,
Rodney & Janis Berquist, Beverly Brown. Chuck Burger, Gloria Burns, William "Bill" Cantua,
Anita Carter, Chuck Caulfield, Barbara Chapman, Phillip Cramer, Larry Curtin,
Chuck DeLaRosa, Maynard Dilley, Leroy & Theresa Gill, Tom Grabow, David & Marilyn Grover,
Jerry Guffey, Warren & Ruth Higgins, Ted Hin & Pop, Carolyn Jefferson & Lola Smith,
Margaret Jones, James Jungles, Ken Kerr, San Lai & San, Anne & Ralston Lucas,
Art Luelluen,  Hai Ly, John Lyles, Jim Mammon, Andy Marquez, Richard & Nikki Morris,
Jim Page, Tom Picha, Rob Rasmussen, Gunther & Renata Rupprecht,   Carmela Simmons,
Dale & Dena Snearly, James Sorenson & Connie Mull, Joel Suzuki, Dennis Taylor,
Lavernne Thompson, Mark Wells, Dan Williams, Robert Williams & Luis Guerra,
Don Wilson, Erma Wilson, Danny & Loida Wyatt.

My best wishes for health and happiness to all.   If you find someone that does not
get Reunion Information please have them contact me, If you change e-mail and or
addresses please let me know.


          Barbara Chapman 717 Anderson Way,
          Rio Vista, CA 94571-2420

          Tom Grabow 510-521-7179

Group Photo

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