31OCTOBER 2006

Hello all MSC-MSTS-ATS, Co-workers, Shipmates and Friends,
Once again our yearly MSC Reunion has come and gone with some wonderful new sea stories, fish tales and just plain good camaraderie and renewal of friendships.

Group Photo

The attendee's this year were:

Jack Anderson, Kimon Antoniadis, Jim & Anne Aoki,
Alan Austin, Bill & Suzy Baldwin,Ron Barnes and Fiancée,
Chuck Berger, Rodney & Wife Janis Bergquist,
Monty Britton and two children, George Bruno, Gary Bussiere, Gordon Catron, Chuck Caulfield, Ray Chang,
Barbara Chapman & Mom Lavernne Thompson,
Carl & Wife Helen Chavaree, Paul Crovo, Tony De Venuta, Maynard Dilley, Norman "Skip" Eltringham,
Amy Esqueda and Husband John Mondragon, Barbara Fisher, James J. Gibbs, Tom Grabow, John Hastings, John Hess,
Ted "Tac" Hin, Steve Ho, Katie Huang, James Jungles,
Al Lipski, Eduardo "Ed" Lontoc, Hai Ly, Joel Madden,
Jim Mammon, Anthony Mills,
Mary AnnMullen and Husband T.J. Sheridan, Jim Page,
Joe Pilicy, Earl "Tom" Reed and Wife, Jack Reich,
Arthur "Art" Roberson, Harvey "Buck" Rogers and wife Georgia,
Bernard "Bernie" Schultz & Wife Shirley,
Carmela Simmons & Friend, Travis Smith, James Sorenson, Thomas Strongs, Joel Suzuki, Walter Taylor, Marc Webster,
Gene & Gale Welch, Robert Williams (via phone), and Don Wilson.

With all of the great donations at the Reunion and mailed in donations from James Jungles, Gordon Catron, Harold Flock,
Ron Driggins, Florde Porcincula, Everett Quinn, Janet Clark
and O.D. "Jack" Dotson,
I am able to clear all expenses and have funds available to do a
mailing of this report and start working on the 2007 Reunion.

I made permanent laminated signs to use for the reunions to save the work and expense of doing paper signs each year.

I also have made up permanent binders for Current Roster, Deceased, Messages & Letters, Memorabilia, Pictures, Sealift-Echo News letters. 
Ray Jackson, mailed me some more Radio Logs and letters sent out to the Fleet.
Gene & Gail Welch brought some antique MSTS-MSC Echo's from the early years. 
Ken Fuchs has sent me some pictures, Pat Moloney is always finding something to send to me.
Harold Flock and Ron Driggins sent me  23 folks to add to the Eight Bells List.  

The attendee's seem to enjoy looking through the books and calling someone over to remind them of days gone by.

I am missing pictures of the 2004 Reunion due to my illness and am hoping that someone of you might have some, so I can put them in the binder.

We had a great gang of helpers who set up, cooked, registered and cleaned up:
Lavernne Thompson, Katie Huang, Tom Grabow, Tac Hin, Hai Ly, Steve Ho, and Tony De Venuta.

Additionally we had a good gang from San Leandro Yacht Club to take care of liquid refreshment and clean up.

If you change your address or e-mail address please let me know.  I still get 10-15 e-mails returned and approx 8 envelopes returned, so it is getting better but I need your help. Also if you see any of the old gang, get their contact information for me.

We will plan for October 20, 2007 for the next Reunion at San Leandro Yacht Club.

Check our WEBSITE, Tom Grabow will be uploading a bunch of pictures.   or

God's blessing to all of you and I want to wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and Good Health.

Barbara Chapman

Barbara Chapman-
717 Anderson Way,
Rio Vista, CA 94571.

707-374-3439/WK 707-424-8632 ,

Tony De Venuta

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