Hello Shipmates-Former Employees-Family and Friends

Hello to all and I am pleased to report that we had a great Reunion at San Leandro Yacht Club.  Rained early morning but by the time the set up crew of Tom Grabow, Hai Ly, Tony DeVenuta, Katie Haung, Tac Hin, Barbara and Mom Lavernne arrived the sky was clearing and the sun came out and we had a beautiful setting by the harbor. Many Thanks to Tom, Hai, and
Tac for all their hours at the grill.  Thanks to Lavernne and Katie for manning the check in table and helping with food and to Nancy Faulkner for her help.  Many of the attendees brought terrific food and I want to thank all of you.

As usual we had some new attendees, some of the regulars were unable to attend, and many sent messages and will be acknowledged later in the news letter.

The attendees were:

Mary Alexander, Deo Almondi, Jack Anderson, Chuck Berger, Kimon Antoniadis, Jim and Anne
Aoki, Ron Barnes and Judy Thomas, Rodney and Janice Berquist, George Bruno, Raymond Chang, Barbara Chapman and Mom Lavernne Thompson, Carl and Helen Chavaree, Paul Crovo, Tony DeVenuta, Edna Eltringham via phone, Karl and Nancy Faulkner, David Foote, Ken Fuchs, Leroy and Theresa Gill, Tom Grabow, John Hastings, Tac Hin, Katie Huang, Lenel Johnson, James Jungles, Dorthea Keller, Rosemary Knecht, Scriven Light, Al Lipski, Art and Ladona
Luellen, Hai Ly, Jim Mammon, Arabella and Roger Malonzo, Charles Matlock, Ivy Meninga, Anthony Mills, Patrick Moloney, Mary Ann Mullen and Tom Sheridan, Chung and Lang Nguyen,
Jim Page, Jack Reich, Arthur Roberson, Jim Sankey and Kevina Presley, Bert and Helen Schroeder, Ken Kapreilian, Eric Scott, Bernard and Shirley Schultz, Michael Shipp, Bob and
Janet Stickle, William E. Strain, Thomas Strongs, Robert Williams and Don Wilson.

I received calls, messages and e-mail from the following people that were unable to attend:
Tommy Tomlinson (due to hip surgery),
Harold Flock, Floyd and Ron Driggins, over in Las Vegas,
Cathie and Chuck Becker (put retirement papers in,),
Joseph Stropole (working in VI) has had contact with Tom Roth-Roffy NTSB,
Crane Lopes Admiralty Attny,
Dan Eglington and Simon Tao also with MARAD).
Jo ann Yamane-West Acquisition, Bay Area,
Joyce Caro-VA-local,

Greg Hague-Master Kilauea, ship is  having 3 Promotion
Ceremonies and one Change of Watch(10-15-05)
to include newly promoted Captain Eugene Dawydiak, so with all that he was unable to attend, CE Ken Fuchs was able to break away and he arrived after many had left..

Card from Ruth Frederick in Florida,
Ray Jackson,ND,
Leonard Rifkin, SOCAL,
call from Billy Frank and Flora Ballard, VA,
notes from Jim Stillman, NOCAL,
Sabrina Bell Lett, VA.
Jim and Dorothy Boyce traveling to the east coast,
David Stump, VA,
Erma Wilson, Bay Area,
and Egenia Adekunjo Davis, MD.

Great WEBSITE from Jessica Black,   .

Marc Webster,Bay Area,
Dave Milton, SOCAL,
James McGowan, NOCAL,
Jeff Cook, SOCAL,
Ray Sanchez at Army Vietnam Vets Reunion and
Rochelle Wright, NOCAL sent e-mails.
Bruce Butterfield, advised he is planning to retire Nov 05,
Loo Jones ( recent surgery-at MSCALOATPERMGMTCED-VA,
Greg Thornton on Drill Weekend-TX,

new Commodore SEALOGPAC (MSCPAC) CAPT Hart Sebring unable to attend this year but will try to make it next year,

Gordon Catron, and Willard Keels were unable to attend,
and Lon Denison is on family hunting trip to SD.
Joel Suzuki working at SEALOGPAC,
Al Perry in Palm Springs,
Dennis Gleavy back on East Coast,
Dennis Leggett doing the Hula,
Jacob Vargis busy with USCG,
and Elmer Johnson off to see son in Korea.
All of these folks wanted me to pass on Best Wishes to all of you.

It is so rewarding to see the career progression of so many of those we seniors refer to as youngsters,  We recognized the people that came the farthest to attend.

The winner was Ivy Meninga who works in President Bush's Office and lives in Maryland, with Jim and Anne Aoiki the runners up who live 10 miles closer to us, but also in Maryland.

We had others who came from out of town.  Several folks (afloat and ashore) who came are currently employed by SEALOGPAC.

Recognition of those who had joined ATS the earliest went to Lenel Johnson and Bert Schroeder who both started in 1946.

As you know CPT Thomlinson has written many books(All available for purchase on the Jeremiah O'Brien) in and around MSC and now we have another Author, Anthony Mills (AB).
He has just published, "He Was A Survivor", available from  888-745-4274.

Since the death of Raleigh Minix, (Raleigh was a driving force in Richmond, CA getting kids off the street and into maritime or other educational programs) John Hastings is sponsoring The Anchor Program (TAP),  for youth in the Richmond Area.  If you are interested in helping as a Program/Participant, Sponsor, Donor or Volunteer contact John at 510-237-7TAP or e-mail, (

Capt. Pat Moloney gave us a great report on the JOB Cruise to the Moth Ball Fleet in August,  with 900+ souls aboard the got up close and reminiscent with our old UNREP ladies of the sea.

Paul Crovo gave us information of SEALOGPAC (formerly MSCPAC).  Again most of the group that moved to San Diego are going to have to pull up stakes and move to the Tidewater Area, there will only be around 60 personnel left in San Diego Area.

Our Reunion Roster has really grown this year with many of the gang, Jack Reich, Paul Crovo, James Jungles, Jim Stillman, Jim and Ann Aoki, Delores Comerford, and others, making contact with folks and getting e-mails, names and addresses to me.  I now have over 660 contacts, 260+ that require postage for snail mail and 350+ e-mails and a few that I have name only as mail or e-mail was returned.  Please keep up the great work getting
these contacts to me.  I will try to do two mailings a year, god willing and as other info is received I will get e-mails out. I have to send the e-mails in groups of 20-30 to keep my good old system from freaking out on me. Please send me any contact information that you can find for our current or former ship-mates, shore employees and friends of ATS-MSTS and MSC

We had wonderful donations from Gordon Catron, Robert Wernette, Ray Jackson, Leonard Rifkin, Harold Grummer, Ruth Frederick, Willard Keels and Carl Chavaree, plus all of the
attendees, so I just about cleared on expenses from 2 mailings and the Bar-B-Q. Thanks to all of you.

  7 October 2006 {1100 thru 1600} has been confirmed for Reunion 06 at the San Leandro Yacht Club. Specifics will be posted on this site early in 2006.  

Barbara Chapman-
717 Anderson Way,
Rio Vista, CA 94571.

707-374-3439/WK 707-424-8632; ,

Tony De Venuta

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