Hello Shipmates-Former Employees-Family and Friends

Sorry that I have been unable to get correspondence out since the 23 Oct 2004 Reunion at San Leandro Yacht Club but as some of you know I had to go in NFT status due to Cancer Surgery-Chemo and Radiation.  We had a very nice group of people, lots of food, lots of Sea Stories and lots of fun visiting with some we had not seen in many years.

Attendees:  Jack Anderson, Chuck Berger, Marti & Chris Kopiej,  Ron Barnes, Jim & Dorothy Boyce, Walter Boyce, George Bruno & Vicki Bailey, Marine Burnett, Barbara Chapman & Lavernne Thompson, Raymond Chang, Sheryl Coley & daughter, Carl & Helen Chavaree, Paul Crovo, Angel Douglas, Tony De Venuta,  Jamie Edwards, Jack Giffin, Leroy & Theresa Gill, Orville Gillum, Tom Grabow, Bob Herbst, Katie Huang,  Dennis Leggett, Art & Ladanna Luellen, Hai Ly, Teresa McGehee-Wright, Pat Moloney, Mary Ann Mullen & Tom Sheridan, Jim Page, Al Perry, Paul Poirier, Bernie & Shirley Schultz,  Wesley E. Taylor, Chris Thomas, Kathy Wackerly, Don Wilson, and Annette Winn, plus a few that did not sign in.  

I want to thank all those who were not able to attend but sent generous contributions to help defray the costs.  And thanks to Lavernne, Chris, Kathy, Helen, Theresa, Tony, Tom and Hai for all of your hard work.

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