Sorry that this is a bit late but had to muster the energy to get this done,
so now I can send
Holiday Greetings along with it.

The Reunion was held on the 20th of October 2012 at the San Leandro Yacht Club, and Thanks to
Capt Amy Esqueda and her husband John they went out and purchased the food and worked with the
Yacht Club folks to get every thing set up and ready for the gang.
Tom Grabow, Hai Ly, and Ted Hin did the usual great job of getting the Barbeque's going
and kept on cooking until all were fed and then helped with clean up.

Several of the people did not come out and get in the group photo but you will see some of them
in the other pictures. If you do not have a computer, find a friend that will pull up the website for you.
You will also find the Eight Bells Reports which is now over five pages long, all of the past
reunions, announcements, etc. on the WEBSITE .

*****NEXT YEAR**OCTOBER 19, 2013*****


Jack Anderson, Leona & Peter Babb, Ron & Judy Barnes, Lonnie Berry, Lori Bockman,
George Bruno, Chuck Burger, Raymond Chang, Barbara Chapman, Carl & Helen Chavaree,
Paul Crovo, Barbara Fisher, Amy & John Esqueda-Mondragon, David Foote, Ken Fuchs (and car),
Leroy & Theresa Gill, Tom Grabow, Paula Harris, Ted Hin, Gloria Holland, Lenel Johnson,
Sandra Johnson, James Jones, Levi & Cathy Jones, Margaret Jones, Nick & wife Kuciak, Al Lipski,
Art Luelleun, Hai Ly, A.W. McKnight (by phone from Japan) Tom McNamera, Bob Mendes, Pat Moloney,
Velton Parker, Bob Stickle, Samuel & Barbara Stone, William Strain, Walter Taylor, Patsy Toney,
Otha & Linda Wallace, Harry (Mondo) Williams, Robert Williams, Dennis Wyatt, Fran Moon,
and Rene Rupchect.

Capt. Amy Esqueda set up a raffle to help with the donation jar to try to help defray some of
our costs for food, printing, postage etc. She brought some memorabilia as did I and a
book written by Capt. Charles Gibson and some of the others contributed some items, that
brought on some laughs, and memories... a hand towel from Subic Officers Club. Capt. Amy
handled the sign in desk at the reunion as my Mom, Lavernne was fighting a battle with
Vertigo, and I helped Amy a bit, but not much as it really takes someone on their toes to
keep up with the Gang (which I am limited on).. Amy told the group of the current MSC Ships
and activities.

Capt. Pat Moloney showed the models that he is building with schematics of many of the MSC
Ships. He also gave an update on the SS Jerimiah O'Brien, past cruises and upcoming cruise

CE Ken Fuchs brought his master piece that he painted and decorated with MSC Hats and
miscellaneous items. Now you must go to the reunion photos to find out what it is??? A car with the
MSC Colors and the "STRIPES OF SHAME" ??? It is amazing what folks do once they "RETIRE". We
all had allot of fun seeing his (Kens) "Project".

Capt. George Bruno gave some information on the American Merchant Marine Veterans,
with chapters throughout the nation.
The local chapter (Golden Gate Chapter)
Secretary-Treasurer is Frank Mendez at 925-689-2686
email: Contact Frank for meeting times and places.
Women also are members either as merchant seamen or as widows of veteran seaman.
He believes there is also an "associate membership"
that may be available to those who were not merchant seamen.
(For info contact George Bruno

There were several people that came to the reunion for the first time, and as always they think
that they won't know anybody there, and get a pleasant surprise and get right into telling sea
stories and reminiscing with the best of them. The donation jar had barely enough $ to cover
our expense's but with the raffle and then right after the reunion we got a size-able donation
from A.W. McKnight from Japan. With that we are able to do this recap and will post this in
WEBSITE and ask Tom to send out to those with e-mail address (around 300) and Mom and I will
send out snail mail to those we have a good addresses for about 197 that we now have the $ for
postage. Having three options for contact we hope to provide information to as many folks as we
can. As long as both Mom and I have our health hold up we will also try to get a reminder for
next years reunion to be held October 19, 2013, 1100 to 1500. Get your calendars marked so you
can make sure to come. We will ask Tom to post the announcement on the WEBSITE from now until
next October.

send us any changes to your address, phone number and e-mail address.

Capt. Amy Esqueda
Phone 805-320-0294 

Barbara Chapman
717 Anderson Way, Rio Vista, CA. 94571
Phone 707-374-3439 

Group Photo

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